According to US digital media, Call of Duty is the most popular mobile game at the moment, next is the Battle Royale game "PUBG Mobile".
Minecraft is the third most popular mobile game, followed by Clash of Clans and Real Clash.

This is the reason why you would like to play these games on your smartphone.

Call of Duty: Earlier this month, in a collaboration between American video game publisher Activision and China-based Tencent, "Call of Duty: Mobile" was released in countries where Google Play was supported.

The game has created a history by racking up more downloads than any other mobile game, analytics firm Sensor Tower revealed. It has reportedly achieved more than 100 million downloads since its launch earlier in the month.

In the game, up to 100 users struggle to survive on a map designed for the mobile title, with locations from the entire Call of Duty franchise in solos, duos, or teams of four.
Players can battle on land, sea, and in the air with vehicles including an ATV, helicopter, and tactical raft, while finding and equipping equipment and weapons that span the entire series.
PUBG Mobile: Tencent's PUBG Mobile has become the world's leading smartphone game, dethroning "Arena of Valor."

According to the latest data from Sensor Tower, PUBG Mobile revenue increased 652 percent year-on-year, raising $ 496 million during the period.
The company also released the lighter version of it: PUBG Mobile Lite. It is the dimmed version of PUBG Mobile that hit the Indian market in July this year.

PUBG Mobile Lite features a smaller map made for 60 players, which means faster-paced games that last 10 minutes and keep the traditional PUBG gameplay.
With an installation package of only 400MB and designed for devices with less than 2GB of RAM, the lite version aims to run smoothly for all gamers.

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