Tencent Games recently announced that PUBG Mobile is getting some new updates to combat cheating. The company had shared certain information regarding the new measures, including updates to existing anti-cheat features. A combination of both anti-cheat measures will likely help the creator of the game to crack down on cheaters.

These new measures are essential considering the growing problem of cheats in the game. Battle Royale players invested in the game have long demanded restrictions and improved measures to balance the game. This new feature is available now.

The announcement notes that the updated "Spectator System" comes with three different parts or roles. These roles include the host, the game server, and the spectator. Before the improvements, some cheaters used "Spectator Mode" to use two gadgets to locate enemy players within the game. New enhancements fix this gap to get things done right.
Considering that the system works at the server level, cheats cannot use plugins to make changes to game data. PUBG Corp also notes that this will not affect the experience for players who watch matches normally. Beyond this, the company also fixed "a continuous cheat" that allows cheaters to kill players with a single shot. It also issued an official statement on the solution. It reads: "Through player feedback, we recently discovered a new cheat that one shot kills players and then momentarily reverses their screen. The official team immediately jumped into action and tracked down players who have used this cheat. More than 10,000 players have received a 10-year ban from the Operations team for damaging the gaming environment. "

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